Why Outdoor Advertising?
That’s where people are.

Society is changing from decade to decade: electronic media was part of modern times. This media was based in the simple performance of exposure habits, which were collective and used to revolve around a pair of entertainment options. Additionally people used to spend less time out of their homes. Nowadays collective behaviors are lost and more individual. Exposure to media is fragmented, however all recent researches point out that people spend much more time on the street.

It's that simple. According to The Arbitron Outdoor Study (2009), we are spending more time driving in our cars and walking in our cities than ever before. Hence, in greater numbers and for longer periods, America is exposed to outdoor advertising.

Average 51-Minute Daily Commute* Means More "FACE TIME" with Outdoor.

Out of Home is the only media that DOESN'T DEPEND on preferences and affinities of the public.

Why now?

Because technology is advancing rapidly with gadgets like DVR’s, Satellite Radio, MP3 Players, etc. These new technologies are resulting in the fragmentation of traditional media outlets and are making it easier for audiences to tune out a message with the click of a button. The demand for outdoor is high, and with new technologies the industry continues to grow. Outdoor advertising is the one remaining mass medium - we are ALWAYS ON! Outdoor advertising unlike other media cannot be turned off, zapped through or avoided flipping through pages or leaving the sofa. OOH provides non-invasive yet impactful and effective presence while the advertiser remains in control of ad placement. Outdoor media makes the ad-to-consumer connection and delivers advertising messages to the right audience at the right time. 24 hours a day!

Continuity and Frequency

Out-of-Home fills media "gaps": providing coverage to complement an existing media schedule.

  • Out-of-Home provides continuity and frequency, creating consistent exposure that is critical to the success of a campaign.
  • Fills media "gaps": Out-of-Home provides coverage to complement an existing media schedule.
  • "Top-of-mind" awareness: Continuous exposure and multiple impressions build brand awareness.
  • Increases campaign efficiency: Out-of-Home ties all the media efforts together and conceptualizes them in the consumer minds.


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