OUTFRONT Media is the only Out-of-Home media company in Canada that owns and operates a full service in-house production facility. Our 60,000 square foot print production plant in Toronto houses lithographic and digital presses as well as a dedicated staff of print management professionals, who are well versed in all aspects of Out-of-Home media. We provide quality products, excellent customer service and competitive pricing. We stand behind our products and commitments to deliver successful campaigns and support to our valuable customers. We work together with our Operations and Media departments to ensure your project is produced and delivered just right and on time, with maximum impact!


Our production plant in Toronto houses two 77" large-format lithographic presses, pre-press services and a finishing department. Our state-of-the-art computer-to-plate workflow is one of the first of its kind in Canada, producing exceptional Outdoor quality.

Digital Printing
Our league of large-format digital presses can print on a myriad of substrates to satisfy your Outdoor production needs. Printing at resolutions up to 300DPI, you can be confident your creative will be produced to the highest Outdoor standards.

Preferred Suppliers
Through the years, we have collected an exclusive group of preferred suppliers who have diversified our repertoire of Out-of-Home production. Our Print Management Specialists work one-on-one with them to look after all of your Out-of-Home production needs, providing you with the service and quality expectations that OUTFRONT Media consistently delivers. Whatever Out-of-Home products your campaign involves, our group can handle it all.

Special Effects
Nothing gives your campaign that "WOW!" factor like a special effect! Outdoor programs with special effects & embellishments are eye-catching and effective in drawing added attention to a great campaign. OUTFRONT Media can make all your larger-than-life ideas a reality.

OUTFRONT Media is committed to working with you from start to finish, making your Outdoor campaign an outstanding success!


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Specification & Templates

Production Specifications

The success of your campaign relies heavily on the quality of material provided. Whatever your production needs, our Production Specifications outline the requirements for producing outstanding Out-of-Home. Following our specifications will ensure that your creative is produced to the highest standard.

All our specifications are available right here on our website, or you can contact your Production Representative for more details. Production templates are also available to guide you through your file set-up.

OUTFRONT Mobile Network - Banner Specifications (.pdf)
Posters (.pdf)
Horizontal Backlights (.pdf)
Vertical Backlight (.pdf)
Superboard S-10 (.pdf)
Superboard S-14 (.pdf)
Space Extensions - Posters (.pdf)
Space Extensions - Superboards (.pdf)
Posters - Paper (.zip)
Horizontal Backlights (.zip)
Vertical Backlight (.zip)
Superboard S-10 (.zip)
Superboard S-14 (.zip)
Poster Space Extensions (.zip)
Street FurnitureStreet Furniture
Street Furniture (Transit Shelters, APT, Map Stands, Mediacolumns) (.pdf)
Street Furniture (.zip)
Posters, Bulletins and Spectaculars (.pdf)
Yonge Eglinton Centre (.pdf)

Key Contacts

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Toronto, Ontario M8W 1Z6

(416) 255-1392
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