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Heart-Warming Outdoor
June 2014

OUTFRONT Media worked with new Toronto radio station Indie88 on a Spring promotion that became a heart-warming experience for everyone involved.

Indie88 launched in Fall 2013, with a significant Outdoor campaign. Working with CBS Outdoor, as part of the Spring campaign they ran a “Win a Billboard Contest”, with our board at Bay and Bloor being the prize. Approximately 300 entries were submitted, these were narrowed down to a Top 12 and posted to the Indie88 website where listeners voted for the winner. Over 45,000 votes came in! The winner was the “Happy Soul Project”.

The video clip below includes Tara’s original entry, along with some footage of the big day the board posted. Her story about her daughter Pip who inspired the "What Makes You Different is What Makes You Beautiful" billboard is both moving and inspiring.

Response has been overwhelming with interest across the city, the country and even south of the border.


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