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"Super" SMART mapping
March 2014

Evolve your Outdoor with CBS Outdoor's "Super" SMART mapping. OUTFRONT Media is tapping into Manifold Data Mining’s comprehensive "", to enable our OUTFRONT Media mapping team to fine-tune maps as deep as the FSA level, illustrating areas of concentration for particular demographic, lifestyle, retail and product usage characteristics. CBS Outdoor SMART mapping also includes over 600 custom destination databases (banks, stores, leisure destinations, etc.) which can be used in combination with "" to further filter location selection. The power of Outdoor's 24/7 messaging is further enhanced by layering in a precise understanding of where particular populations live and the destinations they travel to within a market and in relationship to the OUTFRONT Media inventory.

An example of a OUTFRONT Media SMART map (pictured) shows areas with high concentrations of people who have consumed coolers/pre-mixed drinks in the past month in Toronto. The map also includes LCBO locations (a destination database), along with OUTFRONT Media’s inventory in the market.

Let OUTFRONT Media show how SMART mapping can be! Contact your Account Manager for more details on putting "Super" SMART mapping to work for you.

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