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OUTFRONT Media - Always On, Even at -25!
2013.001 | January 2013


The temperature in Winnipeg in winter routinely falls below -20, sometimes wayyy below. With over 500 ad faces in the Winnipeg market, CBS is the dominant OOH operator there and has learned to post in weather that would keep most of us inside. The secret(s)? An innovative way of transporting the paper in what’s called a “hot box”. When the temperature drops below -20, most glue freezes – frozen glue doesn’t stick – so you have to keep it warm long enough that it posts. The hot box does that. Plus there’s the secret ingredient added to the glue…anti-freeze. The billposters also employ a Tiger Torch to heat the board. They do this to remove frost or ice and it also allows the glue to stick better. The heat combination from hot box and torch also permits them to maneuver the paper once on the board, making for a very good looking ad.

A few years back, a Russian company visited CBS to learn about operating an Outdoor company. Their key concern, and the reason they visited Canada, was posting in freezing temperatures. It takes a hardy type of person to be a billposter any time of the year. OUTFRONT Media is proud of the work that our operations people put into posting and maintaining our advertising campaigns, in winter, in Winnipeg and across the country all year long.

Pictured: January 23rd posting in Winnipeg -25



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