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Outdoor Highlights BC Hydro
2012.016 | Nov. 2012


BC Hydro literally provided a window into just how efficient LED light bulbs are using OUTFRONT Media TSAs at busy Vancouver intersections. The campaign truly comes to light at night, where the lone LED glows brightly while twenty other suspended incandescents remain in the dark. Smak and BC Hydro’s in-house creative team collaborated to come up with this non-traditional way to advertise the 20-1 ratio.

October is Power Smart Month in British Columbia, where provincial power authority BC Hydro encourages intelligent energy conservation amongst all its customers. Wanting in particular to push people to switch to Energy Star lighting, BC Hydro worked together with integrated media and experiential agency Smak.

If you’re looking for innovative means to get your message out there, your local OUTFRONT Media Account Manager has no shortage of “smart” ideas!


Creative: BC Hydro
Media: Smak
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