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OUTFRONT Media Transit Shelters Drive Viewers to BMW Video
2012.006 | June 2012


BMW linked their OUTFRONT Media Transit Shelter ads with a dynamic video of their new M5 via QR codes. The linked video enhances the TSA creative, both of which feature the M5 shattering a large red apple. Outdoor and Video work well together as the reach-building Outdoor acts both to build strong campaign reach and as a tease for the video. The video in turn provides context for the static outdoor image with an artistically filmed 2-minute video of a BMW M5 speeding through a desert obstacle course.

In only two weeks, OUTFRONT Media will have delivered 54 million impressions for this BMW campaign in the Vancouver CMA, reaching 74% of Smartphone users – a target group that is nearly 20% more likely than average to buy or lease a vehicle in the next 12 months!

If you want to feel the rush of the new M5 for yourself, go to

Link to video


Creative: Cundari
Media: Media Experts
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