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2012.004  |  April 2012


Calling all nerds, geeks, and sci-fi freaks in the Calgary Region! Ever wanted to “beam someone up” like Mr. Scott used to do to Captain Kirk in Star Trek? Well for the month of April, you actually can thanks to an augmented reality execution brought to you by the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and OUTFRONT Media.

Augmented reality isn’t a code name for a secret government conspiracy; it’s a new and innovative way to interact with Outdoor advertising using your smartphone or tablet computer. By downloading the Transporter app at and pointing your device at a specially installed OUTFRONT Media “Transporter” Transit Shelter, you can make anyone standing in front of the creative look as if they’re being teleported to another dimension!

You can get your Trek on at two Calgary locations (9 Avenue and 2 Street, 17 Avenue and 4 Street) in the weeks leading up to the convention. The Calgary Expo takes place April 27 – 29 at BMO Centre, and is one of the biggest entertainment-related events of its kind, with 30,000 attendees in 2011 alone. For those not in the Calgary area, a video of the Transporter units in action is available here.

Only OUTFRONT Media has the otherworldly expertise needed to bring newfangled ideas like augmented reality to life! Make OUTFRONT Media part of your advertising mix by contacting your interplanetary Account Manager, warp speed!


Screenshot from the App Store:

Creative: OUTFRONT Media Creative Group
Media: Calgary Comic/Entertainment Expo
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