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Calgary Wakes Up! with OUTFRONT Media
2012.001 | February 2012


Rawlco Radio definitely had Calgarians scratching their heads this January. Simple and bold 2-colour ads shouting “Wake up”, “Get up” and “What’s up?” sparked a great deal of interest about who this advertiser could possibly be.

“Our intention was to get Calgary’s attention by using Outdoor advertising,” explained Kent Newson, VP/General Manager, up! 97.7FM. “First, making everyone wonder who was behind all these What’s up! messages. Then, once we revealed our identity, see that curiosity continue as Calgarians tuned in to hear what we are all about. It was a playful way to get people talking about us, which is true to the fun-loving spirit of our radio station.”

…and talk they did!!  On social media, chatter on Twitter and Facebook had listeners asking “Is this you guys? I love this station!”, and local television stations were keen to find out what the ads were all about.  But everyone had to wait until January 30th, when the second tier of the campaign revealed up! 97.7FM logos on Posters, Tri-Visions and Transit Shelters throughout the Calgary CMA.

Outdoor advertising is a terrific avenue for Tease and Reveal campaigns. On the street and in your face, they are a fun way to build intrigue with a mass audience and create a media buzz!  Contact your OUTFRONT Media Representative today for more strategic thinking about how Tease and Reveal campaigns can work for you!


Creative: ZGM
Media: Rawlco Radio
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