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It all ends…... at St.Patrick Station
2011.004 | July 2011

Toronto muggles can visit St.Patrick station to get a sneak preview of scenes from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two - the seventh, and final, adventure in the Harry Potter series of movies from Warner Brothers Entertainment.  Dramatic, eerie and intriguing imagery of the final battle between good & evil immerses commuters in the movie and the main characters.

Toronto TTC riders are big movie fans who like subway advertising as a way of reaching them: 

  • 448,722 TTC riders went to the movies in the past year, and are 79% more likely to have gone in the past month versus the general population. (BBM/RTS Fall 2010)
  • 84% of TTC Riders say “Subway Advertising is a good way to reach me.” (February 2010: Research House Online Ad Recall Study n=500 Toronto only)

Transit Advertising is an ideal medium for promoting movies and entertainment in Toronto, and Station Dominations are a great way to breakthrough.  Contact your OUTFRONT Media representative for more entertaining advertising ideas in the TTC!

Creative: Warner Brothers Entertainment
Media: MediaCom
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