Outdoor: Backlights

OUTFRONT Media has a select plant of Vertical and Horizontal Posters in key locations in Toronto and Montreal. They can be used on their own or be added to a more extensive Outdoor campaign for added impact – either way they’re a standout. 

The combination of rear illumination, vivid colour and premium locations in the busiest areas of the city and along key traffic routes, means Backlights deliver high impact messaging opportunities and dramatic creative effects. Try an opaquing technique to create a unique daytime/nighttime message. 


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Media Kits

If you need Information about our inventory and markets in a downloadable format please check out our media kits. Campaign specific information like rates or impressions/reach/frequency is available by contacting one of our Account Managers. Contact information is provided on each market page. We'd love to hear from you.

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Specification & Templates

Production Specifications

The success of your campaign relies heavily on the quality of material provided. Whatever your production needs, our Production Specifications outline the requirements for producing outstanding Out-of-Home. Following our specifications will ensure that your creative is produced to the highest standard.

All our specifications are available right here on our website, or you can contact your Production Representative for more details. Production templates are also available to guide you through your file set-up.

Posters (.pdf)
Horizontal Backlights (.pdf)
Vertical Backlight (.pdf)
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Superboard S-14 (.pdf)
Space Extensions - Posters (.pdf)
Space Extensions - Superboards (.pdf)
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Superboard S-10 (.zip)
Superboard S-14 (.zip)
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